Irrigation and drainage systems are designed to help keep the soil hydrated and healthy while also preventing  flooding. Proper installation and maintenance of these systems can save time and money and ensure your garden or lawn looks great for years to come. Lawnovations can solve all your irrigation and drainage problems, from installation to maintenance we are here for you!

All That We Offer For Irrigation & Drainage Infographic

Landscaper preparing for lawn irrigation installation


When Lawnovation is installing an irrigation and drainage system, we have to take into account the size and layout of a home. The components of the system have to be arranged in such a way that water is distributed evenly over the lawn.

Lawn drainage pipe

Installation Services

We can provide irrigation services or drainage services separately and they are not required to be serviced together. However, Lawnovations will have to check for the correct size and type of pipes and values to use in order to ensure that the water is delivered efficiently and without leakage.

Lawn sprinkler at the edge of a lawn next to a sidewalk


When irrigation and drainage systems are installed, it is important that Lawnovations ensures that it’s maintained regularly and continues to operate efficiently. Lawn care maintenance should include inspecting the system for any signs of wear or damage, checking the valves to ensure they are operating correctly, and checking the water pressure to verify that the water is being delivered at the correct pressure.

Landscaper performing maintenance on lawn irrigation

Maintenance Service

Our lawn care services include a team member checking the sprinklers periodically to ensure that they are operating correctly and delivering the correct amount of water.

Lawnovations knows the importance of water to accomplish homeowners’ lawn care needs. Our irrigation services provide security to any homeowner that their lawn will be watered without having to manually do it. The drainage services we provide will prevent any collection of water around a home.

Installing and maintaining irrigation and drainage systems can be a complex and time-consuming process. However, taking the time to meet with Lawnovations can save time and money in the long run. See how Lawnovations can help you, call today for more information!

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