Lawns are a vital part of any home landscape. They provide a place for families to gather, for children to play, and for pets to roam. A healthy lawn is a beautiful lawn, and one of the best ways to keep your lawn healthy is to fertilize it on a regular basis.

Improved Lawn Health

Fertilizing your lawn helps ensure that your grass is getting the nutrients it needs to thrive. A healthy lawn will better withstand the stresses of heat, cold, and foot traffic. Lawn fertilization will help produce a more uniform growth and your entire yard will look green and lush. Lawnovations offers a wide range of lawn care and fertilization services for your Tulsa-area property.

Resistance to Pests

Proper fertilization ensures that your yard is thick and healthy, preventing unwanted pests. Even if your lawn has been affected by pests, disease, or any other external factor, following a regular fertilization schedule can ensure a quick recovery. Lawnovations can help you with pest control through lawn fertilizing to create and maintain a healthy and beautiful lawn.

Weed Control

If you’re looking to keep your lawn looking its best, using lawn fertilizers can help prevent the growth of weeds. Well-nourished plants have deep, strong roots and are less likely to be affected by weeds. For the best results, partner with Lawnovations in Tulsa to help you create and maintain a healthy lawn.

Soil Health

Fertilizing your lawn can help to improve the health of your soil, which is important in keeping your lawn lush and vibrant. Healthy soil helps to reduce runoff and erosion, and can also help to improve the quality of the water in your area.


Lawn fertilizing is an important part of lawn care, and there are many benefits to doing so. By fertilizing your lawn on a regular basis, you can improve the health of your lawn, enhance its appearance, and even help protect the environment. Call Lawnovations today to see how we can help you keep your lawn healthy!

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