Leaf Removal

Fall Clean-Up In Tulsa, Oklahoma

Could your property benefit from detailed fall clean up? When it comes to having a beautiful property, keeping it free of debris sources is essential. Fall lawn care gets rid of leaves and debris that build up when the weather starts to turn colder, and leaves begin to fall. It’s necessary to get the leaves and debris off your lawn before winter. Lawnovations provides leaf removal to the Tulsa area to keep properties clean and safe. 

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Why choose Lawnovations for your Tulsa leaf removal?

  • Uniformed and insured friendly teams
  • Can be scheduled weekly or biweekly
  • Professional equipment
  • Leaves are blown and removed from your property

Why are fall lawn care and clean up services important?

Fall lawn care can turn into a chore, particularly for large properties. Raking leaves is time-consuming and can leave many with a sore back or even blisters on their hands. When leaves begin to mold and decay, it is not ideal for them to sit on your property all winter long, covered by snow. This decay kills your grass in areas where they pile and do not allow light or water to get to the lawn.

Hiring Lawnovations for fall and winter services is essential for preparing your Tulsa property for a robust spring.

  • Wet, decomposing leaves are often a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • Letting leaves sit can leave your reseeding in the spring.
  • Plant diseases can be cycled back into your lawn as leaves decompose.
  • Dead or damaged grass can result in more spring clean up needs.

The most significant benefit of hiring a fall clean up company is not having to do it yourself.


Tulsa Leaf Removal Services

Not only does leaf removal give your property a polished appearance, but it is also essential to remember leaf removal benefits your drainage systems as well. Beyond removing leaves from the lawn and landscape beds, Lawnovations will ensure drains are free of debris.

Leaves and other green waste such as sticks and brush get caught in drainage grates and inlet/outlet pipes. If left there, the snowmelt and moisture in the winter can cause blockages and even flooding.

Lawnovations leaf removal service is priced at a per man, per hour rate - call our office for details.

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When you choose Lawnovations for your yard and landscape maintenance service, you know that you’re hiring uniformed, reliable, and insured professionals. Come home to a pristine yard, and be sure to contact the friendly team of Lawnovations for swift assistance and expertise!