Lawnovations has proudly been serving the Tulsa, Oklahoma area for over 20 years! As a locally owned and operated company, we know how important it is to connect with our clients and develop lifelong relationships. Through the quality work and excellence we have provided to our clients, we have been able to expand into more surrounding areas of Tulsa over the years. Check out all of the locations we service below, and be sure to contact us to set up an appointment for your dream landscape!


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Bixby is a southern suburb of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and is situated within two counties (Tulsa and Wagoner). Bixby is a small town with family-friendly vibes, bringing that hometown feel with it. The town has year-round activities for the whole family. At the Charley Young Event Park in downtown Bixby, there are monthly movies played in the park. Bringing a blanket or lawn chair is the perfect way to enjoy the free film.

For the golfers out there, the White Hawk Golf Club is one of the best courses in the state! For those that just enjoy the outdoors, Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area offers 300 acres of land to bike, hike, or walk. The family dog can even explore Biscuit Acres at the same time, enjoying the company of other dogs at Hunter’s Park. Families can utilize this time to enjoy the incredible nature on their own accord, or spectate the wonderful array of animals at the park.

As you can see, Bixby offers plenty of outdoor entertainment to satisfy your public needs. When considering expanding your outdoor property at home to something of the same majesty, consider Lawnovations to turn your dreams into reality!


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Owasso, Oklahoma is a suburb north of Tulsa and also stretches over two counties. This area is infamously named “Tornado Alley”, but it is also known as the “Green Country” part of the state. With beautiful hills and lakes that create the green vegetation that so many enjoy, it is no wonder that so many people enjoy living there with the slight risk of natural disaster. Owasso is known for being all about the residents and making life clean safe, and happy for all of its inhabitants.

Some of the most maintained areas for recreational activity are found within Owasso. There are plenty of amenities that match the quality of life that the town strives to provide to its residents.

There are a plethora of activities found within and around Owassa, from parks situated among the hills and lakes to the arts and crafts fairs that spur up repeatedly. The most popular park is Mohawk Park, where there are trails for hiking and walking, a golf course for those swinging urges, and a zoo for the kiddos to learn fascinating facts about their favorite animals. Owasso takes pride in its Oxley Nature Center, where visitors can learn more about the life and vegetation surrounding the area. Let’s not forget the dining experience at Owasso, where there are plenty of areas to dine at both locally owned and chain-oriented restaurants.

With so many options to explore in Owasso, it is clear to see why many never want to let the good times stop when they have to go home. For those that fit this description and want to explore the possibilities of what outdoor life could look like while in the sanctity of their home, we encourage them to consider Lawnovations for all landscape upgrades and customization.


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Sand Springs

Six miles West of Tulsa, Oklahoma lies Sand Springs, a suburb with a vast history. Sand Springs was founded five years after Oklahoma was granted statehood in 1907. With 22 square miles to call its own and another 150 square miles of growth added to it over the years, there is a steady population of 18,000 annually.

While Sand Springs is a progressive area, it still has a small community feel to it. The kind of place that families find and decide to make it their forever home. Partly because of the ample city parks with many recreational activities, partly because of the balance of cultural events, and partly because of the top-rated level of protection due to the fire and police departments, people can feel safe and welcomed into the community, no matter their background.

Lawnovations is proud to offer services to Sand Springs because of these excellent standards of living, and we want to help your life thrive in your outdoor living space. Consider Lawnovations for any and all outdoor upgrades.


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Located in Tulsa County between U.S Route 75 and the Arkansas River is Jenks, Oklahoma. Jenks was founded in the early part of the 1900’s and began as a horseback riding community. Over the years of industrialization and innovation, Jenks became an epicenter of commerce with motor vehicles and other goods. The Midland Valley Railroad Company extended its tracks through Jenks, making it one of the main stops on their tours.

Soon after the train expansion, the oil boom exploded in the area, and the population began to boom. When the gold rush pulled most of these people away shortly after that, Jenks was soon populated by Bulgarian farmers, bringing a new economy and redirecting the growth process of the community.

Today, with easy access for commuters, multiple parks, and friendly people, Jenks has a small-town charm that makes it a place where families can settle with ease. We want to make the settling of families easier with an outdoor space that they are proud to return back to time and time again. Consider Lawnovations for any and all landscape upgrades and opportunities.


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Glenpool is just South of Tulsa, and they manage to maintain the progressive city government and entrepreneurial spirit that founded the town. It was the discovery of oil that gave Tulsa its name in 1905 with the oil boom that followed.

Today, new businesses and new residents are still welcomed with open arms from the lifelong residents who have spent their whole lives in the communities, because they appreciate those who want to improve their quality of life and enter a new community with real opportunities.

Glenpool has several parks open to the public that include basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, walking trails, gazebos, a pavilion, and much more.

To keep the outdoor activities thriving while at home, consider choosing Lawnovations for landscape upgrades to make sure you are the light of your neighborhood in Glenpool, Oklahoma.


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Broken Arrow

Broken Arrow is the largest suburb of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the fourth largest city in the entire state. Residing in the Green County region at the foot of the Ozarks, the area is known for hills, lakes, and green vegetation. In participation with the Arbor Day Foundation program to green up cities across the United States, Broken Arrow has been referred to as one of the “Tree Cities USA” for over six years in a row.

There are plenty of activities and landmarks to explore in the walkable city, including exploring restaurants and shops in the recently renovated downtown Rose District. Broken Arrow is also home to art festivals, farmer’s markets, and Rooster Days (the oldest festival in all of Oklahoma).

Lawnovations is proud to serve this bustling community, and we hope that you consider us for any and all landscaping opportunities.


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Residing in the Northeast part of Oklahoma, Sapulpa is the county seat for Creek County. The area is known as the state’s “Green Country.” Like much of the Tulsa area, the oil boom helped build and fund this area, along with the Frisco railroad. Over time, factories and plants came and transformed this Native-American territory into a town of 20,000 residents to create a bustling community by the mid-1920’s. During this period, most of downtown Sapulpa was formed along with the work ethic that has been passed down all the way until today.

Sapulpa was built by pioneers in the economic field, making this area a viable place to live. With over 120 manufacturers based out of this area nowadays in various and diverse industries, the pioneer spirit is instilled to the residents to this day. Citizens of Sapulpa keep this spirit alive, maintain a sense of community and pride, and a middle-class population.

Lawnovations is proud to serve this historic community, modernizing and upgrading their outdoor living spaces. Become the light of your neighborhood, and consider choosing us for your future landscaping projects, no matter how big or small.

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