Yard Drainage Contractors in Tulsa, OK

New System Installation OR Revamp:

Forgetting to water your plant materials would be like forgetting to feed your children. Don’t starve your landscape and turf!
Take the hassle and stress out of irrigating, it’s worth it!
Whether commercial, residential, or a HOA – we are equipped to handle all your irrigation install needs.
Adding another zone? We’ve got you covered!
Installing a whole new system? Let us get you a bid!
New Construction? We’ll work with your builder.
Commercial Business with Multi Zones and Controllers? Easy.
Relax we’ve got more than 20 years of experience and the best technicians in the Tulsa area!


Leaks, breaks, controller errors, you name it, we can fix it!

Pricing example:

Service Call $95 (Covers 1 Man Hour Labor)
Labor $75-$95 Per Man Hour **After 1 st Man Hour**
Materials and Supplies Invoiced Separate

WiFi Controller Upgrades:

Did you know you can upgrade your controller and have access to your irrigation system panel wherever, whenever?
Maybe you’ve got a mowing crew that came on a different day due to rain, turn your irrigation system off from the comfort of your office.
Something isn’t working quite right with your programming; the upgraded controller will send an error code that even your repair contractor has access to. Starting at $350, the benefits are unmatched!

Drainage Installation & Repair

Does your backyard look like a swamp after it rains? When you walk on your turf, does it feel like a giant sponge? Is water pooling in areas you don’t want? A simple fix like water redirection or drainage system may be the best option for you! 

 Whether you know exactly how your systems should be set up, or you have never even considered it until now, be sure to contact the friendly team of Lawnovations for advice, quoting, and professional execution!

Drainage often seems like an optional outlet to any property, but quickly becomes a necessity once you realize the weather patterns of Oklahoma. Many people don’t realize the damage water can cause. From foundation issues to turf and plant damage – proper grading and drainage are a must.

Did you know, sometimes pooling water is simply caused by misplaced drain outlets i.e. downspouts?

There are many options to resolve the problem – we can burry a line from a downspout to a curb, tie into a french drain on the property, or even just extend a downspout to drain in another area of the property. 

Our team of experts will guide you to the soluition that solves the problem and is the most economical.

French drains are installed under your turf using pipe and gravel. This system directs water to flow from one area of the property to a more desirable location, unseen.

Channel drains can be built into things like a pool decks, or concrete driveways / patios. These systems prevent water from pooling or moving to unwanted areas. As the water flows over the grate it falls into the catch basin and is pumped out. 

yard drainage work being done