Our ALL liquid program is formulated to target weeds and feed your turf all season long. Applications are typically spaced 4-6 weeks apart, starting as early as February and running through early November. 

Step 1: Crabgrass Pre-Emergent and Weed Control
Step 2: Spring Fertilizer and Weed Control w/ Liquid Aeration
Step 3: Echelon Nutgrass Pre and Post Emergent w/ DeThatch
Step 4: Fertilizer and Weed Control
Step 5: Fertilizer and Weed Control 
Step 6: Fertilizer and Weed Control
Step 7: Fall Pre-Emergent (**Not intended for shade grass)

Core aeration is the process of manually breaking apart compacted soil. This allows the flow of essential nutrients to penetrate into the ground and creates a deep, strong root system. The holes also provide protection of the freshly laid seed, giving them time to properly germinate.
Over seeding fescue is an essential step in maintaining a full and plush turf appearance. We recommend having this service performed every fall to repair normal wear and tear and to fill in bare spots. 

ALWAYS included:
– Core Aeration
-Over Seeding w/ Premium Grass Seed
-Watering Instructions
– 2-Week Property Check and Reseed (if needed)


Your tailored program will include things like: 

Deep Root Injections: Delivery of ESSENTIAL nutrients directly into the root system of the target tree / shrub.

Speciality Horticulture Oil: Protects against winter pests, before they come out of dormancy. 

Fungicide and Insecticides: Many trees and shrubs are prone to damage from insect and/or fungal infestations. Save yourself the hassle and money by protecting your landscape and preventing such problems!

Deep Root Injections allow delivery of ESSENTIAL nutrients directly into the target tree and/or shrub. 

We recommend treatments in the Spring and Fall!

Fertilizer and Weed Control Lawn Treatment Services in Tulsa, OK

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Partner with Lawnovations for all of your turf care, property, and tree/shrub needs. 

Unlike other local lawn care companies, we handle all your lawn treatment services from fertilization and weed control to disease identification and prevention.

Our technicians are all certified by The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture and are specially trained to recognize all of the various health needs of your lawn!

By combining our specially formulated applications and treatment services with proper mowing and watering, your lawn and landscape is sure to be lush and green for years to come! Don’t settle for lawn care companies who don’t have your best interest in mind – call us at Lawnovations for comprehensive and high quality lawn treatment services.

Pest Control

Being outdoors in the Tulsa area can leave your family and pets hassling with chigger bites, ticks, and all sorts of unwanted creepy crawling visitors. 

LawnGuard treats all of those problems, and then some! 

Our ALL LIQUID applications are sprayed over the agreed upon treatment area. Lawnovations stands out among other local lawn care companies because we offer text notifications when the application is complete – we ask you wait at least 1 hour for dry time – and you’re free to resume normal use! It’s truly that simple!

Just as the title sounds – Perimeter Pest Control is applied to the perimeter of your home. This creates an invisible barrier between the inside and outdoor crawling pests. While we recommend combining this treatment with our LawnGuard applications, Perimeter Pest is an effective treatment all on its own. It’s a great option for keeping outdoor bugs where they belong.

Dormant oil treatments are applied to “woody plants”, such as trees, in the late fall, winter, and/or early spring. The goal is to apply the treatment when a species is dormant and/or in egg and larva stage. By doing this we eliminate the problem, before it can even start!

Disease Control

Diseases can be detrimental to your turf, plants, shrubs, and trees.

Our specialized technicians are trained to diagnose and treat almost any outdoor landscape problem!

Partner with Lawnovations today and protect your investment with our lawn treatment services!

Oklahoma creates the PERFECT environment for Brown Patch Fungus – rain and warmth. 

Typically Brown Patch will create little brown spots on shaded turf, like fescue. Without treatment, the blades of grass will eventually die and leave large bare spots in your yard. 

It is imperative to treat this fungus, as soon as it appears and/or to receive regular preventative treatments – to avoid unsightly damage. 

Spring Dead Spot causes issues in full sun turf – such as Bermuda. This soil dwelling fungus attacks the root system of the turf and will create large dead spots throughout your yard. 

Unfortunately, treatment for this fungus must be done in the fall, when the grass is in its dormant state. Because of this, we recommend preventative applications to keep the problem away and to insure plush growth all summer!

This fungus typically makes its appearance as the turf is coming out of dormancy in the spring, or when it is going into dormancy in the fall.
You’ll notice it starting as a small circle of yellowish/orange colored turf that sometimes looks sunken in. The fungus will continue to grow until treated. 
While Zoysia Patch doesn’t effect the soil – we recommend keeping an eye out for reinfection, once an area has been infected and treated. 

There are many benefits of soil testing, the ability to identify micronutrients that are missing in the ground is key for healthy plants and grass. Results from soil samples are used by our technicians or other local lawn care companies, who then add soil amendments – similar to a human taking vitamins! Ask for a sample today, the results may surprise you!