Lawn Care Services in Tulsa, OK

Property Care

Professional, Uniformed, Reliable, & Insured; partnering with a Lawnovations Maintenance Crew will take the frustration out of doing yard work! With rates starting at just $55/service, the value and quality of work is unmatched by any of our competitors!


Mowing / Directional Changes / Edging / Weed-Eating / Blowing of Surfaces

Available Add-Ons *Charges Apply*

• Bed Maintenance
• Shrub / Hedge Trimming
• Leaf Blowing & Removal
• Spring Pruning
• Fall Clean-Up
• Mulch Installation
• Storm & Debris Removal
• Large Debris Haul-Off

Things to ask your contractor:

When mowing, it is imperative to change the direction of your mowing pattern, at a minimum every other week. This prevents rutting in the yard AND more importantly – ensures a uniform looking cut because the grass does not have the chance to lay over.
Instead, directional changes force the grass to stay straight up and each blade gets cut at the same length!

NOTHING is worse than a yard that gets a mow only and the edges get neglected.

Listen, accidents and injuries happen. It’s just a fact of life. NEVER hire a contractor to do work on your property without checking to make sure they are actively insured. This protects your family and property, should the unexpected arise. 

Unkept equipment damages turf, creates uneven cuts, and can even spread plant diseases from one property to the next. Companies should be cleaning equipment DAILY, at a minimum, and sharpening blades / performing regular maintenance to manufacturer’s standards.

Leaf Removal

Not only does leaf removal give your property a polished appearance, but it is also essential to remember leaf removal benefits your turf, allowing new growth for shade grass. 
It also prevents large debris from flowing into and clogging up drainage systems. 
Our team uses professional grade blowers and a leaf vacuum to ensure the fastest, most efficient work is completed. 

Lawnovations leaf removal service is priced at a per man, per hour rate $75. 

Services can be schedule upon request, or weekly as the season allows!